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We’re a game changer for skilled nursing facilities


RealVoice (by A Place for Mom) is a game-changer for skilled nursing facilities and their management teams. Receive powerful insights in real-time about your customers’ experiences and showcase your hard work online and offline. You can use our service to differentiate yourself from competitors, develop an authentic consumer star rating, proactively manage your online reputation, and improve your patient experiences. Highlight your wins and celebrate your successes with our custom marketing collateral, so that more families can discover why you are the right choice for care.

What We Do

Real-time phone check-in during rehab stay

Collect objective feedback from your patients’ loved ones

Share best practices for discharge with patients’ loved ones to help prevent readmissions

Turn survey results into reviews and publish when you approve

What You Get

Monthly analysis of survey results to improve operations and marketing strategies

Enhanced reviews to improve your online reputation & visibility

Real-time alert if you receive a complaint, giving you the opportunity to address issues before a patient leaves your facility

Customized social media graphics to highlight key satisfaction statistics

Customized, compelling landing pages with reviews on each of these websites that receive over two million visitors per month

Build trust with your referring hospital partners by demonstrating your commitment to improving quality and reducing readmissions

Why Use Us?

RealVoice (by A Place for Mom) is a game-changer for skilled nursing facilities and their management teams. Our service will help you build a competitive advantage in a crowded market. You’ll get powerful insights about your customers’ experiences, to improve your operations and celebrate your successes. Learn who your dissatisfied customers are early, so you can resolve their issues and prevent avoidable early discharges*. We’ll also help you build strong customer satisfaction scores, which enables you to get credit for your hard work and gain trust with your referral sources and touring families. Our clients say that it takes just one customer’s satisfaction being improved before it is too late, to see a return on investment.

*27% of respondents rated overall experience 3 or below on scale of 5 -- based on all 2017 survey responses

"RealVoice by A Place for Mom is a valuable tool for evaluating patient satisfaction & obtaining first-hand testimonials to build our online reputation."

Dawn Harsch, Communications Director, The McGuire Group

"We love the feedback we receive through A Place for Mom, it helps us in real time hone in on our problem areas and greatly improve our customer service."

Debbie Brazill, CEO at Villages Rehab & Nursing Center

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